Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Buffy and the Democratic Primary

Yeah, yes beanbagfrog, we have indeed been negligent in updating. There's a few things I might post on soon, but in the interim, here's a little filler, the fruits of an IM conversation between The Belgian and I.

A blogger recently posted a pretty amusing comparison of the GOP candidates to the villains of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Which inspired us to slot the Dems to the Scooby gang. Results are:

Very powerful, and Chosen, but gets less likable the longer we see her. Takes criticism very badly.

Can we trust him? Who knows? But we loooooooove him.

A hero by other means. Will never actually be in charge,but makes a great #2. Sometimes too clever by half, but one hell of a snappy dresser.

Sounded perfect, but made a bad first impression. And then, just as we start to like him again, he's gone.

His heart's always in the right place, but no superpowers- and you know, that's okay too. Somehow winds up with a hot S.O. nonetheless.

Some mistakes in his past, but the only adult with the vast repository of expositional knowledge about the History of Everything. Sometimes seems to have lost the plot, sometimes we even wonder whether he even really likes us deep down. Dropped out after season 5. ( see. Lieberman = Ethan

Chris Dodd=Oz?
Not there to win the race, you frankly forgot he's even there. Has an economy of words, but does the right thing. Then suddenly one day... FILIBUSTER!

Gore=Wesley Windham Price.
An absurd know-it-all when introduced, until he had his throat cut and came back as a jaded bad-ass.

which of course leaves...

Bill Clinton=Angel

to Hillary's Buffy.